SuMi TRUST manages a wide range of Japanese equity funds. Backed by an experienced local specialist team, we can be your reliable partner on the ground for Japanese equity investment. We integrate our ESG evaluation throughout the investment process to ensure our approach meets the challenge of sustainable development.

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Save the Date: The FSA’s “Japan Weeks 2024”

Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA) is hosting "Japan Weeks 2024" - a series of events aiming to boost Japan's profile as a leading asset management and global financial centre with the participation of overseas investors and asset management firms. Investment Director Oki Shiozawa introduces the series of events scheduled this Autumn and explains why overseas investors should visit Japan.
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Japan Outlook in H2 2024

Chief Strategist Hiroyuki Ueno and Senior Strategist Katsutoshi Inadome share SuMi TRUST's outlook for the Japanese economy in the second half of 2024.

Market Review for May 2024

In May the Japanese Nikkei 225 and TOPIX indices experienced a minor rebound, rising by 0.2% and 1.1% respectively. In the first third of the month small caps performed above expectations but from mid-May onwards larger names dominated. April-May also saw an increase of 1.6 times in share buybacks compared to the same time last year, this comes amid Japanese companies gaining an increased awareness of returning value to shareholders.